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Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures

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Tour Length: 90 Mins
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Berkswell - Haunted Woods

Welcome to the Haunted Woods in Berkswell. A Paranormal Hotspot!
There are many spirits who would like to talk and make contact with you. On this site you will find that the spirits are old and modern telling you different tales of life.  You will also find that as you enter the Haunted Graveyard you will find a world of paranormal activity where the dead just can’t seem to rest.

Secret Location - Kenilworth

Welcome to our Secret Location somewhere in Kenilworth!
On this location you will not be disappointed as you make contact with many spirits from the young to the old… So as you enter the location, just have a little thought for the ones that have died and that are not yet dead…

Rollright Stones - Oxfordshire

Welcome to the Ancient Stone Circle which has been used for 1000’s of years. 
The site has been used for Ancient Burials, Witchcraft, Rituals and sacrifice.
There is plenty of paranormal activity on this site from strange sounds and voices, the shadows that hide in the trees and the overwhelming feeling of being watched.

Deserted Village - Rugby/Daventry

Hidden away from the world this tiny village was once the death village for the surrounding areas. You would be sent here to die, yes, if you had the plague you would be sent here in the thought that it would help stop the spread of the disease. 
The churchyard is a paranormal hot-spot where the dead are all around you, from children to adults, from victims to people passing through… this site is one of our favourites..

Haunted Cemetery - Warwick

Welcome to Medieval Warwick where you are going to enter into the haunted graveyard and communicate with the spirits. There are many spirits here who will talk to you, from a priest who isn’t a very nice person, a woman who was hung here and there is a guard who is still gaurding Warwick even though he has been dead around 300 years! You may come across two little children who like to play hide and seek or the nun who is often seen crying.

Cemetery & Riverside - Stratford

Welcome to Stratford where you are in for a surprise or two… From ancient spirits who still gather under the trees, to the maid who was pregnant by the master of the house to murder victims who where thrown into the river. The footsteps that are heard, the whispering in the distance and the shadows that are seen all around you moving and hiding in a game of hide and seek. Welcome to Birthplace and Resting Place of Shakespeare.

Ruined Abbey, Kenilworth

The Ruined Abbey at Kenilworth, sat in the shadows on the castle, it is a lovely site with a lot of paranormal activity. 
From the sightings of monks, to strange green mists, from the strange voices on radios to the shadows that are seen. 
Many people have communicated with ones that are buried on the site and many have spoken with the patients and nurses that were once at the hospital on this site. Welcome to the world of the Paranormal.

Haunted Quarry, Rugby

The quarry has been used for many years, heavy guns where positioned on top of the quarry in WWII. There have been many deaths and drownings in the quarry and there are people who still haunt the location from where they worked.
You can still hear the sound of machinery, hear voices and you may even get the chance to meet some of the people who still come and visit today.

The Catacombs, Birmingham

One of the oldest burial grounds in Birmingham, full of intrigue, ghosts and spirits. Welcome to the Catacombs where the dead famous are buried including Joseph Chamberlain, Crystal Palace builder John Henderson and John Baskerville to name a few.
At one stage it was common to find families living among the dead, keeping safe and warm in the catacombs themselves. Today you will find the ghosts and the spirits are waiting for their stories to be told. Shadows are seen, mists appear and the grey lady will probably make an appearance.

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