Overnight Ghost Hunts

Individually Priced.
Please note you cannot take children on these events without prior arrangements. We have the right to refuse entry.

Our overnight ghost hunts takes you onto a whole new level. On the event you will be guided by Paranormal Consultants, Mediums and Spirit Sensitives.
All the locations have been specially chosen for their activity and their character.
On the event you will be able to get involved in seances, spirit boards, dowsing crystals, dowsing rods, EVP sessions as well as use such things as night vision camera’s, laser grids, ghost boxes. You will be able to get involved in vigils or perhaps if you are brave enough a lone vigil.
All information on the night is recorded including video and camera footage and all compiled in an easy to read report. This will be sent to you once all the information is collated which is normally within 72 hours.

Spiritus - Evesham

St Johns Mansion - Warwick

16th Marh 2019 @ 19:30-02:00

£39 per person

18th May 2019 @ 21:00-01:00

£49 per person


The haunted house goes back to 14C where ghosts await. Meet the Ghost In the cellar, the monk, the little girl, the headless monk see things move or perhaps you will see the ghost with the red eyes.


From strange noise in the cellar to the laughter of children, the shadows that are seem this is a very haunted house. From ancient burial sites to the ones burnt to death…

Haunted Antiques Centre - Leicester

21st September 2019 

£25.00 per person

antique centre

From the hangings to the morgue tables that are available, you will not be disappointed with the energy from this building. From shadows to voices there is something for everyone!

Drakelow tunnels - K'minster

Tudor world - Stratford






A former Top Secret Underground Military Bunker and Shadow Factory. There have been many deaths in the tunnels, the sound of music playing and shadows who walk along side you.

tudor world

Tudor World has been described as one of the most haunted buildings in England! Sat in the heart of Shakespeare’s town the building is home to many many ghosts and spirits.

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