Ghost Tours

Tickets: £10 Adult £3.50 Child

Walk the haunted streets, the dark alleys and along creepy canals.
Listen to tales of death, the ghosts that lurk and as you turn the corner, listen carefully as your guide tells you about the hauntings, the deaths, the brutal hangings, the witches, the dark deaths and the bodies that were left to die in the street. The dark secrets of the canals, the phantom boats that sail down the canals, the tow-path ripper and the vampire that lurks.
 Choose your location and we will see you on the tour….

Paranormal Stratford

Paranormal warwick


Welcome to one of the most haunted locations the UK has to offer.
Listen carefully to tales of Lucy and her mother and visit one of our many paranormal hotspots.

Warwick Ghost Tour

Welcome to Medieval Warwick where the streets and buildings hold onto many ghosts and dark secrets. Listen carefully to your guide as he tells you secrets that have never been told.

Paranormal Coventry

Haunted Birmingham

Welcome to hidden Coventry where the ghosts lurk and shadows seen. Listen carefully as your guide takes you deep into the world of the paranormal, deep into the world of spirits and ghosts.

Welcome to Haunted Birmigham where you will be taken from the safety of St Pauls Square and deep into the world of death, phantoms boats, the tow-path ripper and screaming ladies.

Paranormal Birmingham

Paranormal Rugby

Haunted Birmingham

Welcome to Haunted Birmingham where you are going to be guided deep into the haunted canals listening to tales of the dead and the phantom boats that still sail today.

Haunted Rugby

Step into the Haunted World of Rugby, the secrets and deaths and the hauntings where the ghosts still live today and are waiting for their stories to be told.

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